Wednesday, August 1, 2018

NIRI on Proxy Season


NACD on Block Chain

NACD on Block Chain

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Delaware Court of Chancery Opinions / DCarsonCPA Law Ledger

Delaware Court of Chancery:

Laws and Rules of  DE Chancery Court:

Shared in Context of Navigable skills to help on #LicensedAttorney #CorporateCounsel and #EntityGovernance needs. #GRLSTEM is built from the Fabric of strong base skills on DCarsonCPA on Legal Sector Support Services where we took the integral foundation of Civil and Commercial Law inherent in the CPA Education lines and Social Experience we head with NYC Government and Early College lines to Law and built from the Foundation through a deep process of domestic and global legal research to Common Law and Civil Law lines of the Economy and Financials with proven skills to navigate Executive, Legislative, Judicial and International Lines to Domestic, Global Trade and related lines of needs on Laws, Rules, Manuals, Forms and Filings to help on Legal Sector needs from the multi-pronged lines of Legal ( #Paralegal ) , Technology (Data Science, Analysis, Project Management, Law Knowledge Management) and applied lines to Policy, Entity, Economic and Governance needs in the Economy and Financials in seeing open gaps from Legal and Economic decision making to practical lines of Entity Spending and Financials, Compliance and Governance. We live in a Nation of Plenty but frequently the resources run short to needs to help communities so in a long line made short there is an inherent economic principle of unlimited wants and needs mapped to relatively scarce resources in Economic Terms inherently calling for Cost-Benefit scoring of Public and Entity Spending Decisions and Optimization of Spending to needs for Shareholder and Societal Stakeholder needs largely meeting the public these days through the lines of Sustainable Accounting ( #SASB ) and a sensibility to an #EconomicLedger of impact to needs on societal lines. While we live in an imperfect world it is perhaps human to want to look to find a way to help and our particular line from having walked in the valley and on the peaks is to find a way to help the collective outcomes from Entity, Policy and Community lines to get more from the experience of teamwork to needs.

On the DCarsonCPA lines we endeavored to do what few others we are aware of have done.... to #BuildaModel and look for the Path to Help on Entity, Policy and Community needs. To work from the base of more than 16+ years Audit through CFO / Controlling with strong support to Entity, Policy and Community needs visa vi the Corporate Controlling and CFO lines in support to C-Level Executives, Senior Management, Boards and Directors, Line, Staff and by default community needs of Shareholders and Stakeholders through support of Compliant Financials which in the aggregate across GAAP, IFRS, Tax, Regulatory per Sector ( Insurance and Financial Services - Banks, Broker-Dealers, Investment Management er al) and the related lines of Economic and State and Local Reporting and OCBOA which in the Aggregate rise to the level of supporting Entity, Policy and Community needs in the Economy through the Financials. In a difficult time for many we made the study of the Economy and the Decision Making across Policy, Entity and Community lines Our Priority to find Our Way to help on the Economy as pursuing Advanced Economist and Legal Papered Training but developing the underlying skills of deep economic, statistical, legal, financial, technology and social research to the collective lines of Shared and Segmented Decision Making in the Aggregate. WE built the skills to work through the economy and financials to most every line of entity, policy and community value.

We work with the skills of Today for the Optimal Potential of Today and Tomorrow, for Our opportunity to build something of Value in the knowledge age to help support the Legacy of Exceptional Teamwork. We seek your roles on support including opportunities on #3and1 paths to the #NYSBE or other paths to finally connect the knowledge to the authority to grow with law beyond the currently more limited role of Paralegal, Regulatory and Compliance to the empowered role to help fully connect economic, financial, legal, technology and social research to Fiscal Policy for Improvements. That noted there is much ground we can help on and even as comes the roll out of #GRLSTEM to stand alone lines inherent in the DNA of creating #GRLSTEM is the basis of a deep thought process to a reduction model of the economy and financials. One that inherently connects  the value of Economic, Legal, Financial, Technology and Social Research to build for improvements.  To the pathways where Industry, NGO, Non Profits, Government at the various levels and Communities meet for Societal needs in the Economy and through the Financials and Framework to Context of Abstract Societal and Core Value on Financials of  Decision Making supported by STEM. To the Context of Growth, Risk and Logistics and the potential to contribute more through the sum of the parts through an open line of Entity, Policy and Community support on Services, Applied Research and Outreach as our Legacy of Service in Dual Benefit to Our Own and Our Societal Context to Value Creation and Wealth Management support to needs in the broadest context of Value to the Medium of Societal Exchange of Goods, Services and Knowledge for Improvements. With the Value to Be of Service.

#DCarsonCPA #GRLSTEM #EntityandCrossSectorLines at the Junction of Entity, Policy and Community needs where

Legal ( #Paralegal in context to Law but strong on deep knowledge of Legal and Policy Research)
Communications ( Compliant Communications to Entity, Policy and Community Value

Defined to the Path of Needs to Build for Improvements.

Inspired through skills of Engineering with Technology to Paper the Advanced lines of skills on Economic, Risk, Financial, Legal, Technology and Social Research to every new level of potential to help on improvements. These lines focused on Legal Sector Services AND the ambition to find sponsorship on the #3and1 or other comparable lines on self financed legal education to the #NYSBE for the long term potential to connect skills on core basis of financials to Policy Level needs in Economic and Legal Context to Entity, Policy and  Community needs.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

UK Tech Initiatives support at 10 Downing under UK Prime Minister May ... read on

UK Prime Minister May Promoting Tech Initiatives through support lines #Innovation #UK

DCarsonCPA #GRLSTEM new roll out lines on #linkedin - Link up and get connected to support lines on Svcs

DCarsonCPA #GRLSTEM new roll forward lines on Linkedin. Map to the Value that Can Help on Teamwork. We bring #ValueinContext from #GRLSTEM to help on needs #CFO #PM #BA #STEM #Economist #Analyst and skills to needs on #Strategy #Operations and #Functional needs.