Wednesday, February 27, 2019

TECH marks the Spot DCarsonCPA GRLSTEM

DCarsonCPA and GRLSTEM: Tech Marks the Spot to Help HR and Vendor Sourcing Lines through the Tech Wall of Perception and it's Glaring Gaps on relational skills maps.... this is a rough draft so we apologize for the functional simplicity of the Video but it is in our way to help on observed needs with expediency and to continually refine to excellence...

DCarsonCPANET and GRLSTEM on teamwork to the line, staff and community points on needs to both shareholder and stakeholder value needs in the Economy. Built Strong on Lean and never losing site of a duty of service to help on the economy at the cross roads of rugged individualism and shard accountability to built on teamwork. Its face forward to help on needs on Domestic and Allied STEM and the Workforce lines. We can help on Services, Applied Research and Outreach. This is part of those lines to help on the maps from Domestic STEM and HR and Vendor Sourcing Lines through the Technology Haze and limiter of the 8 Second Attention Span to the Wellsprings and Waterpools of Talent to needs to build for the Economy. We can help after all we bring #GRLSTEM .  Strong Civics, For there but by the grace go I or you or we.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

SEC Appoints MIT's Kothari as Director of SEC DERA

SEC Appoints MIT's Kothari as Director of SEC DERA - Dr. Kothari leads into and important role for Economic Risk Management in the US and Global Markets:

DCarsonCPA on related lines to #CapitalMarkets #Equity #Debt #OtherInstruments and the functional interface with #Financial and other sector lines. . Building out on #Economist and #Analyst and #Legal excellence lines to help on the economy and in place with valuable skills and an engineering mindset to help on #EPCLines of #entity #policy and #community Synergy on #RiskManagement #GGRC #GRC #ITGRC #cybersecurity and more. We bring #GRLSTEM to help on the Value of #Risk and management of #Risk which in turn helps on #Growth and #Logistics learn more at

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

DCarsonCPA on Advisory

DCarsonCPA on Advisory :

Built from the Lines of DCarsonCPA to #DCarsonCPANET at on Financials, Accounting, Taxes and Advisory lines support, #GRLSTEM on Technology to Teamwork including #DataScience #DataEngineering #Engineering #FinancialEngineering and #STEM lines and #DCarsonCPA on core applied research. We can help on Services, Applied Research and Outreach support to build for improvements on Entity, Policy and Community #EPCLines. We bring #GRLSTEM to help on #growth #risk and #logistics with #STEM.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

DCarsonCPA and GRLSTEM Senior Executive Search and Director (Board of Directors) level support Outreach

DCarsonCPA and GRLSTEM Senior Executive Search and Director (Board of Directors) level support Outreach:

Quick Outreach to prime Vendors in the Spot we can help on CEO, CFO, Director (Board Level) and other roles to needs we bring a strong and unique set of skills connecting Industry, Academia and Govt excellence to hands on skills with Economist, Analyst, Risk, Financial, Legal, Technology and Social Research to teamwork to help on needs.

Prime Vendors in Sector

Stuart Spencer

Heidrick and Struggles

Russell Reynolds and Associates 

Korn Ferry

Egon Zehnder



Executive Compensation and Proxy Advisory relevant Excellence Lines visa vi Earnings Season

Russell Reynolds and Associates

Pearl Meyer 

Center on Executive Compensation and Proxies

SEC on Executive Compensation

Corporate Governance ( #GRC and #ITGRC ) 

Via PRTCLines DCarsonCPA on Corporate Governance ( #GRC #ITGRC) (#GGRC when we are looking at #government ( #Policy and #Regulatory #Compliance and #Outliers) #governance #riskmanagement and #compliance) 


More at DCarsonCPA on Corporate Governance

Communications Lines

Our lines on Strategy and Operations support (not investments these are outreach and awareness lines ):  

DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines on Communications Communications with the added benefit of advanced skills to macro and micro financials legal, technology and social research frames to analysis with advanced skills to map to the value in context and help on compliant communications, leadership message on external and internal lines, end to end entity communications cycles, training and development and financial and data engineering from bow to stern of the Corporate Entity and on entity, policy and community lines to help on synergy with compliance and continual improvements to address the common fails in human relations where the message does not go from point a to b to c to help on continuous improvements. The Core Skills of Financials are value added only when mapped into communications. Hence we made a full line of research to help on related needs on entity, policy and community teamwork on same. Currently not for investments but using the analyst knowledge to help strengthen teamwork for entity, policy and community needs. Full Communications Strategy Lines and active support to Social Media, Visual Communications, Audio Communications and Written Communications. Our unique skills with Domestic and Global Research and Entity and Cross sector lines built for the forward value to Leadership support and Our own growth on Corporate CEO, Board and Director level excellence skills. We can help. 

Investor Relations


Public Relations


we will circle back for more here soon.

co Search Zoom INFO

DCarsonCPANET and GRLSTEM strong partnership lines from DCarsonCPA and #DCarsonCPAonAdvisory for the complex needs of leadership in interesting times  we bring leadership skills grounded to core needs on Financials and Teamwork on the entity and cross sector lines in a time where agility and project management skills to work in financial, legal, technology and teamwork frames is a skill we can deliver on many levels to help on Entity, Policy and Community success lines to needs on #Growth #RiskManagement and #Logistics with #STEM . We are lean and adaptive to needs as well as ready for the leadership roles for this knowledge age of potential and risk. Map us to your advisory needs and consider us ALL hands up for the CEO, Clevel Executive and Director (Board Director) roles on needs. We bring uncommon dexterity of knowledge and agility to help on performance. #DCarsonCPA