Thursday, February 7, 2019

DCarsonCPA NET and GRLSTEM bridge lines to main.

 DCarsonCPA NET and GRLSTEM bridge lines to main

Currently the DCarsonCPANET and GRLSTEM lines are having challenges on linked lines so we set this up as a staging page to cross map to DCarsonCPA Classic from Main Lines on back up.

DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines on Communications available support lines on Compliant needs on Non Investment Communications Lines primarily built for outreach and awareness support to help on growth, risk and logistics and for support to Advisory and Training and Development lines AND for the related point on communications synergy to compliant success lines on #EPCLines to needs for Entity, Policy and Community Teamwork. DCarsonCPAPRTLines

DCarsonCPACALs - We have Strong Creative Artist Lines, Skills that come from a line to reach and connect and help on teamwork. WE use those skills to help on outreach and support to Creative Sector Lines in many forms across Artists, Graphic Design, Photography, Film, Writers, Actors, Musicians, Authors, Poets, Visionaries, Philosophers, Patriots, Pilgrims, Founders, Earlier and Later Day Immigrant and Global lines of Human Value and related lines to Fashion, Hospitality, Chefs and Restuarants, Design, Architecture and more. On Our own lines, to support artistic communities on cross awareness an to help on growth, risk and logistics needs on message where the value of Word, Sound, Image, Music and Videos can help on nearly any sector and its lines to needs. A creative outlet in the work and social value context to teamwork. Available for support lines on contract basis to compliant needs. Learn more at main DCarsonCPA CALs

#DCarsonCPANET and #GRLSTEM bridge lines to main

and what we now refer to as #DCarsonCPA Classic Lines the basisof our growth with strong Economist, Risk Management, Actuarial, Statistical, Econometric, Financial, Legal, Technology and Social Research ( #ERFLTS ) skills to Teamwork to help on the Entity, Policy and Community lines to needs of  #EPCLines with #GRLSTEM as the evolved learnings of our research along Domestic and Global lines of cross pollination to Excellence on support to Industry, Academia, Government and Entity lines to Communities to build for improvements.

We focused our lines and in place skills from entity Audit through Financial Accounting, Corporate Reporting, Regulatory an Compliance Economic and Statistical Reporting and Analysis to the roll up frames of Policy, Economics, Trade, Commerce, Government and Governance with prior NYC Legislative Audit and Non Profit skills and the learning of osmosis that comes from the Empire and Bay State Lines and Domestic and Global Experiences to help on teamwork.

We worked to a model of Local, Regional, State, Multi-State, National and Global Research to find ways to help on the Economy, Jobs, Growth, Participation and ideally a more common return to #EGALBO at the junction of rugged individualism and shared accountability to the frame on teamwork where the value of teamwork across superficial divides can help to build for improvements. Working to an experiential line with in place strong skills to help on Executive Branch Departments and Agencies, Legislative and Judicial Branch Lines to Teamwork on the Economy, Policy and Justice and to the Entity lines in Industry and Non Profit Lines to help Directors, Boards, Entities, CLevel Executives, Senior Management and Staff on Advisory, Core Financials, Abstract Analysis, Value in Context and lean and agile support to Financial, Legal and Technology at our express lines to services support at and broad lines on deeper support at www,dcarsoncpa,com with lean agility and technology focused ends on teamwork from #GRLSTEM .

Teamwork  through #GRLSTEM and the Short #DCarsonCPANET and Long Lines #DCarsonCPA to the who, what, when, where, how and why to the lines to help on continual improvements in the Economy and Financials. WE can help on your needs across growth, risk and logistics with STEM #DCarsonCPA


DCarsonCPA AML ATF FINTECH REGTECH and Dark Money project support to Risk Management Policy, GRC and Enforcement Teamwork

DCarsonCPA AML ATF FINTECH REGTECH and Dark Money project support to Risk Management Policy, GRC and Enforcement Teamwork :

Outreach lines on Entity, Policy and Community needs on project support we can help.

These are part of Our #OuterJoin and #InnerJoin #Round360Risk and #ConcentricRiskManagement #Project support lines for #GGRC #GRC and #ITGRC ( #Government and #CorporateGovernance #PublicPrivatePartnership support for Stakeholder needs on synergy).

We can help on related lines to needs on project support and on partnership where #ERFLTS skills meet in frames of #GRLSTEM to help on #EPCLines of Value and Synergy. In this case to help on #RiskManagement #security #cybersecurity and #VUCAAwareness support on teamwork for the economy and financials.