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Domestic Demographics, Liberty and the Economy

Worldfacts on the United States:

Worldfacts on the US Economy and Demographics

Observations in Draft:

Wiki on ZPG

The Frailty of ZPG = As Western Populations decrease below ZPG lines in the Aggregate and Migrant Population phase in at greater than ZPG rates you have culture shift which is swiftly becoming a Risk Factor to Global Continuity and Balance.

Criticism of ZPG and less than ZPG which can be a note to the way a government fails to support Family Values and Goals (through the watering down of cultural value messages on education and outreach and clear overlook to at risk populations  ).

As the Core National Population slows down and brings in new waves of immigration the population shift becomes and element of higher birthrates among newer generations of immigration waves. If immigration fails to balance National and Global needs the policies can  penalize Nationals and reward immigrants skewing the outcomes for the future. Immigration and Birthrates can be a subtle manner of Risk if Education, Outreach and Assimilation fail to work.

Traditionally Latin American Immigration to the states has been limited and a challenge, is that a wise strategy for  the Population? one could note that within the Americas there is a common core of views and beneficial values for families and communities that suffers due to the language gap btwn spanish and english a  theory to test ) Hypothesis.

A bias against Inter - Americas immigration may be a large challenge to the future of Our Free Society.

Statistical Prevalence of Legal vs. Illegal immigration and crime, Built in Bias Americas vs. Global Immigration...

US support of Inter-Americas councils on rule of law orientated to societal improvements and teamwork for the Americas.

To be continued.....

DCarsonCPA on Domestic Economic Research and DCarsonCPA on Economic Research 

Global Demographics and the Inherent Challenges of Population shifts

Global Demographics and the Inherent Challenges of Population shifts

DCarsonCPA on Economic and Statistical Research

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