Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Future of Work / Future Work

OECD Future of Work  http://www.oecd.org/employment/future-of-work.htm

WEF Jan 16 - Report http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_Future_of_Jobs.pdf

US Views on the FoW:


UK view on the FoW:


DCarsonCPA HR, HRIS and Vendor to Hire Task Force Lines http://www.dcarsoncpa.com/prtc_lines/hr_hris_and_procurement HR has gone renegade to the Task of connecting Supply to Demand with Efficiency and there is little incentive to improve, recently an HR official as much as admitted to me that Due Diligence is a lost point based on volume. Any look at a Fortune 500 HR Portal or any observation at concealed Supplier Portals and you'll understand why HR lines are failing at basic economic functions of matching supply and demand with lean efficiency. Creating a Rub in the Economy that leads to false reports of available STEM talent levels and totally fails to the point of cross skills. Enter an Engineering Mind Set to help on the skills to hire points. DCarsonCPA we are here to help with #CFO #PM #BA #STEM #Quant #ARTs #Comms and strong lines to help on #Labor and #Demography challenges. Let's reintegrate SMART strategy and cost conscious management back into the HR lines and put the Economy back to work.

No More Excuses, No More Delays Time to Reengineer HR Today! 

A Strong Economy relies on Competent and Qualified HR, HRIS and Vendor to Hire Services - if current skills are failing the Job we can reengineer the lines to help on the Economy, Jobs + Growth.

It's the right thing to do to look for the broken links and to find ways to help on improvements.

It's surprisingly simple to observe the need to return HR lines to Economic Basis of matching Supply and Demand and accomplishing needs with efficiency is an open call. Not to Test Candidates Six Ways to Sunday but to Gamify the Employee to Hire Cycle for Both HR and Candidates in a Positive, Productive and Fun Way. The Decisions are important so why not bring out the best in Candidates and Employers in value added ways... the op-positional model of HR that is not founded on a can do, must win attitude defeats mapping in top value candidates in more ways then you may appreciate. It's time to change that and think in new ways about the HR lines, HR Scorecards and the high level of cost to value on intermediary points in connecting Labor supply to demand.

It's the Patriotic thing to do to help on the Economy, Jobs and Opportunities.

It's the moral thing to do to Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself and find pathways to help on Opportunities and Growth.

It's the un American Thing or the Anti-Capitalist line if your not in the States to focus more on the cannot's than the cans - where there is a will their is a way and Ed Tech, MOOCs and the engine of Rugged Individualism and a Can Do Attitude is more potent than the Ancient Rituals of Cannot and Can't. It's time to think more like the great generations and the Edisons and Einsteins and make stuff happen on the Labor to Hire Cycles for Jobs, Participation and Growth at home (and Globally as relevant). We have the tools of Technology and if correctly stewarded to the lines of improvements and prudent risk management in balance it can be of benefit to the much needed lines of Human Opportunities for Jobs, Purpose and Growth.

DCarsonCPA www.dcarsoncpa.com At work to help on the Economy through the Financials and the Entity and Cross Sector Lines of Teamork aimed at improvements for #EGALBO (Each Generation a Little Better Off ). We can help on HR, HRIS and Vendor Portal Re-Engineering and Improvement initiatives Today.

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