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Juno Certification / Networks

Following the lines on BD Tech:

Juniper on Juno Certification

CAQ, FEI, NACD and IIA team up on Anti -Fraud Collaboration

CAQ, FEI, NACD and IIA team up on Anti -Fraud:

CAQ, FEI, NACD and IIA have teamed up on Anti - Fraud Collaboration initiative.This is an important element of steps to help on awareness for senior executives and...

We wanted to also mention that ASIS and ACFE could have been included to this venture for a muti-dimensional stakeholder perspective. Public - Private Government Partnership may have been an option as well we think a lot about cross functional pathways to help on problem solving and since White Collar Crime is an important element of audit an entity risk we have strong lines of awareness from which to help on needs to support partnership lines on knowledge for improvements across many domains. We value the strong skills and knowledge of both ASIS and ACFE and their expert skills on the industry lines of helping to prevent and detect fraud this is one way we can share our thanks to them for being such strong knowledge leaders in the space that we would classify as Risk + Security needs of an entity over personnel and governance.

I am not sure of the current state of Public-Private - Government Partnership on White Collar Crime but in the Risk + Cyber Domain these partnerships are ramping up.  At a minimum the resources and knowledge of  DOJ and the FBI should be considered to help strengthen these efforts for a robust approach. In the optimal position broad line partnerships can be highly effective at increasing education and awareness to help diminish the occurrence of fraud through preventive education and outreach to boost public awareness to the risks and how to make sure that teams are working together to prevent issues for entities through incorporating strong education and outreach programs. On these points I am confident that across ASIS, the ACFE and FBI that there could be entity outreach programs designed to strengthen awareness of preventative workflows to prevent Fraud which would be value added and synergistic to this initiative.

FBI White Collard Crime

The above noted to help on future ideas for the space, the sponsors have taken an important step of initiative on entity, policy and community needs on teamwork for Industry through opening up the possibility to share ideas like this to help.

Below is a Screen Shot of their new website :

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New Lines on Lean Roll Outs where:

ICT, Technology, Data, Data Structure, Financials, Compliance, Communications, Engineering, Hardware and Software meet on Emergent Coding lines meet Entity, Policy and Community needs on workflows.

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WEF on Global Skills Shortages

WEF on Global Skills Shortages:

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PWC Project Blue

PWC Project Blue.... Change happens swiftly....

 PWC Launches Project Blue

Appears to have some interesting lines here... under review PWC Project Blue ...

Driven by an Economist a Familiar but refreshing approach to the macro and micro construct model ...looking forward to reading more...