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DCarsonCPA 5 Fast Points on Connecting

DCarsonCPA 5 Fast Points on Connecting - transfer your lines to Our support at:

DCarsonCPA Entity and Cross Sector Lines


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We can help on a broad range of needs where Macro and Micro Financials, Legal / Compliance, Technology and Teamwork connect for Policy, Entity and Community needs across the full range of Industry, NGO, Non Profit, Government, Individual / Family and Community support lines on project services, applied research and outreach. We work from the base of Accounting skills for GAAP, IFRS, OCBOA, Tax, Regulatory Basis and other needs, with Economic Research for perspective, Legal Research for Framework, Technology and STEM for Logistics and Innovation and Compliant Communications to help on Policy, Entity and Community synergy for teamwork to help on the Economy, Jobs, Opportunities and Growth from the bricks of Debits and Credits that support Aggregate Outcomes in the Economy through the Financials. We can help on Project needs where you are Today! #CFO #PM #BA #PR and more at and related lines.

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DCarsonCPA on Project, Process and Advisory lines to key needs in the Economy and Financials

DCarsonCPA on Project, Process and Advisory lines to key needs in the Economy and Financials

DCarsonCPA integrated lines on Cross Functional Analysis and Advisory support at Joomla Wix #CFO #PM #BA #Fintech #EdTech #Growth #Logistics #Risk #STEM and more. We can help on your Project, Process, Change Management, Research, Analysis and Advisory needs Today.

DCarsonCPA on Advisory, Fast Track to services, applied research and outreach support lines at #CFO #PM #BA #STEM #ART #COMMS #Growth #Logistics #Risk

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DCarsonCPA MFC One on Joomla on Global Financial Decision Making Research (GFDMR)

DCarsonCPA MFC One on Joomla on Global Financial Decision Making Research (GFDMR):

The DCarsonCPA MFC One lines on Joomla are coming together rapidly on Global Financial Decision Making Research (GFDMR) they are one and the same as the lines from DCarsonCPA but are configured in Lean Manner to swiftly connect to the strong value we can map to Entity Level (Industry, NGO, Non Profit and / or Government) and Community level (ie Individuals, Families and related lines) on support Services, Applied Research and Outreach.

DCarsonCPA MFC One Lines on Global Financial Decision Making Research (GFDMR) on the Joomla Beta / Lean Leader Lines.

You can connect with ease to these lines for awareness and then map to on support needs as relevant to your needs in the Economy and Financials where we can help on services, applied research and outreach on needs Today.

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The Hard lines on Jobs and Opportunities, Quality of Work, Non Participation + Big Challenges

The Hard lines on Jobs and Opportunities, Quality of Work, Non Participation + Big Challenges

Brookings Report and some insight on the Challenges still looming in the economy despite the feel good reports of unemployment   dip

Read on an add to the list the verified reports on Mortality for Middle Aged Population band of a defined segment and you'll begin to see the churning of the tides that drove for change. Socialism is an unsustainable line of governance which drains resources and crimps economic growth it is not a business solution that can work for the economy in the aggregate.

Leadership Lessons from Gen. James Mattis (Ret.)

DCarsonCPA G1 on Joomla - The Lean Lines on Global Research

DCarsonCPA G1 on Joomla  - The Lean Lines on Global Research

DCarsonCPA G1

DCarsonCPA MFC One lines on Joomla presents DCarsonCPA G1 simplicity on Global Research in broad overview to lines that run deeper where we meet on services, applied research and outreach to help on NYC based but Globally minded Trade, Growth and Teamwork where the pathways to help on the Economy and Financials for the Entity and Cross Sector lines come from a drive to help on improvements for Jobs, Opportunities and Growth in the Economy and Financials. We can help on project needs where you are today in the Economy at . The Lean Lines from DCarsonCPA MFC One simplify the complexity to help on the pure value added lines on Growth, Logistics, Analysis and Risk Management from core CFO and Project Management meet Quant , Legal and  Economist skills to help on Policy, Entity and Community needs from Macro and Micro perspectives where the whole of the line of Debits and Credits, Os and 1s and Analysis and Communications meets the People Power Potential (Human Capital) lines, the optimization needs to align unlimited wants and needs and relatively scarce resource as an economic constant and more to the value in context where we ALL meet in the Economy....through the Financials.

From the Apex of Cross Functional Analysis to the lines of  channeled project needs we work with a lean template of Global Financial Decision Making Research fine tuned to help on Growth + Risk Management across a range of skills where we meet on project support in the Economy through the Financials and aligned Data, Communications and Teamwork pathways relevant to innovation for improvements for Domestic needs and Global needs of productive teamwork. The Study of the Global brings benefit of a World of Knowledge to help on Domestic needs and Global needs on project Teamwork. We can help on your project needs.

4 Tips to becoming a Master on the Phone

SecurityMetrics Blog

SecurityMetrics Blog: Some entities are required to comply with both HIPAA and the PCI DSS, namely, covered entities and business associates that accept credit, debit, or other payment cards. Many believe if they are compliant with one, it covers the other. Those people are mistaken.

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USSC&T Panel on AI

Today's USSC&T Panel on AI:

USSC&T Panel on AI

Prove timely to our sharing the reduction template of #STEM #CFO and #PM lines that we can help along for Policy, Entity and Community needs. Debits and Credits and the bridge less crossed is an Accountant who emerges to Quant Engineering it may appear as a Purple Unicorn but it is the pathway that we have been upon and our concerns on AI correspond to proactive management of #Growth AND #RiskManagement needs in Framework. DCarsonCPA is a strong line to teamwork to help on #AI and #STEM as you will see that much of what they speak of is much of what we have also been pursuing.

DCarsonCPA on CFO, Project Management and STEM lines of integrated support to project needs in the Economy and Financials. We can help on your needs Today at (for the Deep Dive) and via the newer lean packaged DCarsonCPA MFC One Lines for channeled value to needs in the Economy and Financials where Policy, Entity and Community needs meet on project workflows and through the Template of Services, Applied Research and Outreach to help on the Economy, Growth and Full Recovery to #EGALBO .

Always remember that the foundation of Financials is Math + Context to the value at work which is a solid bridge to STEM support.

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DCarsonCPA on Pharma add ins:

FDA CDR Translational Sciences

FDA on Patents

DCarsonCPA PHARMA lines at we can help on Pharma Sector Project needs from the Broad and Focused lines of Global Financial Decision Making Research #CFO #PM #BA #Fintech #EdTech #EconomicResearch #PharmaSector

Unisys on ITIL

Unisys Blog Entry on ITIL:

Unisys on ITIL " entry  "Is ITIL still applicable to this new world of Digital Business?" 

DCarsonCPA on Project Management and Business Analysis lines at

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DCarsonCPA DEVEC FIN to Launch DCarsonCPA PFER Public Finance Engineering Research

DCaronCPA DEVEC FIN (subset Lines from) DCarsonCPA Lines on Global Financial  Decision Making Research will launch first pod on PFER - Public Finance Engineering Research looking into 4Q16 and 1Q17. The Critical needs to help support knowledge on the Deficit and Debt and effective pathways to debt reduction are needed and the knowledge of Public Finance is to uncommon among those in a position to help.
DCarsonCPA PFER connects the broad lines of  Eco System Finance, Economics, Legal, Governance, Technology and the cross model of Industry, NGO, Non Profit, Government and Community pathways to improvement in Fiscal Management in the Economy and Financials.

These lines as quick start to related awareness encountered today which reminded us that it's time to continue the open project needs that so inspired us to help from the start:


At Home and Abroad in a challenging age of many variable needs in the Economy through the Financials we work with strong pathways to connect on Teamwork and the UK - US lines of the Special Relationship are some of the best points to join together on Teamwork to help for improvements through our shared lines of Common needs and strong Teamwork over the ages.

The UK as the Home of Legendary Scots Economist Adam Smith (who wrote the Wealth of Nations) provides and enduring strength to the lines of knowledge that can help on Economic Challenges and that's only one of many dimension where the US and UK can build strong on cross teamwork for the needs of Our respective peoples and for the needs of Global Humanity as the song of  Freedom and Liberty is best song in Harmony.

What was missing from the Autumn Statement | Public Finance

What was missing from the Autumn Statement | Public Finance

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DCarsonCPA MFC One Lines on Lean Value Engineering (CFO + PM + more)

DCarsonCPA MFC One Lines on Lean Value Engineering (CFO + PM + more)

DCarsonCPA MFC One Lines on Lean Value Engineering we can help on your needs today for Project and Process improvements in the Economy and Financials. For your Industry, NGO, Non Profit, Governmental, Community and Societal Needs on #Growth and #Risk. We map in on Value to Performance lines of Resource Allocation to needs to help on your compliant needs for improvements in the Economy + Financials. For Entity, Policy, Shareholder AND Stakeholder Value find support lines on Services, Research + Outreach at DCarsonCPA #CFO #PM #BA

link to Post

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While Rome Burned and the need was Growth Capital..... Did we get lost on Studying Micro Cap Risk ? (a thesis on cost-benefit / case study in review)

This is a loose draft released for expediency, I will be back to improve it but want the open support of the community to help analyze these points for greater awareness to exceptional teamwork, how to move growth capital to the economy expediently and other relevant points on analysis. The GOAL is to improve on Teamwork and to be fair in stating the perceived  / anticipated shortfalls on the implementation of this segment of the Jobs Act.

Released In Beta from a Linkedin Post to Villanova's John Scarpa Center for Law and Entrepreneurs.... connects some issues observed from the SEC FINTechi Innovation forum and an impirical question of why did it take so long (a thesis under review to dispute or affirm the length of process which seemed intiutively very long relative to more urgent need on growth capital... who was being protected on delay (big business, banks or investors?) .... was the Risk managed in a cost- benefit manner? = a beta on a Rule Making process and efficiency test to follow)

While Rome Burned and the need was Growth Capital..... Did we get lost on Studying Micro Cap Risk ? (a thesis on cost-benefit / case study in review)

Background some rough facts in layout (precision on times and events can follow later generalities are enough here to make the case then test it):

Banks nearly Collapse and Presidents  Bush ? (long time ago).... and Obama and Congress have the bail out lines and define.....

The American Jobs and Opportunities Act ( under review but recalled as the source of the Crowd Funding start lines.... open to confirm but believed from memory as source)

American Poverty  = 14% appx. (actual 13.65% ??) that's 43 American Men, Women and Children in need of Opportunities on #EGALBO  this is as of 2016 after almost 8 years of the administration at 11/15/16 (need to review trend on same).

American Homelessness which includes American Veterans and others who have fallen off the Economic Ladder  due to lack of opportunities and other factor needs like MH support. Regardless still Americans in need of support where there but for the grace could go many... ARE UNCOUNTED BY US CENSUS though the states may have these States.... this is an American Disgrace especially 8 years into the administration (need to revisit what actions were taken).

51 % of Americans Earn less than $30,000.00 per year per US Census sources (foot this).

Small Business = Engine of Job Growth and Creation as per SBA and Our Government

Despite the many feel good reports of  Jobs and Even I would tell you I am now sensing better headwinds.... we have 63% Participation Only in the workforce and in that number of 37% non participation which is 3% worse than under prior administration to Pres. Obama  as a segment which is an estimated 176 Million of 321 Million or so Americans Eligible so on average

This Graphic may upset you but it's too important not to include:

vacuum as intended in exhibit.

A hypothesis in development from a casual observation on the SEC lines of  FINTECH..... Could the SEC have moved more timely on Crowd Funding? .... was growth a firm center to initiatives, Who was defined as the party at Risk to be covered on Crowd Funding and how were they protected beyond forms, filings et al. SEC has long had IPA / Investor Protection Awareness outreach perhaps some measure of simplified financials and reporting add IPA would have just as well sufficed and speeded much needed growth capital to the economy not otherwise available at SBA on lines which were also picking winners and losers and excluding entire classes of equal needs.

The Case is made from above of Critical needs in the Economy for Growth Capital in a backdrop of urgent Economic Challenges over the last 8 years. The feeling of a casual nature to process seemed to imply the rules were over studied so we have a first class test case here in the efficiency of rule making and the question of while Rome burned, who took affirmative action to free up growth capital?? ..... aka is it just an intuition or a fact that Crowd Funding Rules for Micro Cap segment took a long long path to clearance as other channels ran dry eliminating significant pathways to economic growth for entrepreneurs and small business. The embedded case study question to test and prove is did we run overkill on regulation of crowd funding and hurt the economy?, how did we manage Risk here and were the interests of Investors, Big Banks or other players served here when the need for mom and pop was growth capital for small business that seemed to never make it to main street. It's the type of question that needs to be asked for Lessons Learned on the Crowd Funding / Small Cap pathways to growth.

I was in the midst of listening to edits from the SEC FINTech Forum and came to the observation of age and impatience that we have been collectively seemingly waiting a long time for crowd funding rules where any rational observation would have been to expedite capital access pathways not available under SBA loans which also were more focused on SMWBE AND even SMWBE expressed difficulties to access on SMWBE loans so they also would have benefited from faster action on Jobs and Opportunities Act Crowd Funding Rules .

So the challenge is to look at the time line, define the elements, see who exactly Risk was managed for as Investor or to limit competition for big banks and other players when the Citizens were the priority stakeholders here in need of Jobs and Opportunities. And to the point of Risk how material could any class of crowd funding really be to the economy as in the aggregate there is built in diversification to the Asset Class unless crowd funding was all for the new widget in which case maybe crowd funding as a micro cap asset class could have hit stress test level risk but unlikely so do to the range of diverse founders and entrepreneurs passions and pursuits.

Anticipated Diagnosis:

We all failed if the answer is this ran an unduely long course. need to review to prove or disprove the assertions here and welcome the help of the community.

as looking to the issue below (see pictures and text in recap) also revisited renowned Educational Institution Villanova's new / new to me Frank Scarpa Center on Law and Crowd Funding  since Villanova has strong accountancy and legal lines and anticipate economist lines too thought I'd throw them a pass to take a look at this with me on analysis through open contact will likely send the pass out to Harvard, MIT, Fordham, NYU, Columbia, Stanford and other knowledge driven points including PACE Law. Which raises a point of cross awareness to help the ALMA matter - quick plug for Pace.

Please read on below , my points are in draft here but I am working on many concurrent points and in this way I can share this quick and look for open teamwork on analysis.

Best Regards and see more below.


PS - in reality this a re look at this and I am glad I caught this now but wish I had caught on sooner as it seems like a big rub point that has been working against growth until recently... in the final analysis of any post we are looking to promote #ExceptionalTeamwork to help on #Jobs #Opportunities and #Growth that we all see as needed in the Economy and Financials.

Original Post inspiration via the SEC Forum on FINTech and reflections on a few points.... is it just a perception or a valid point that crowd funding / micro cap rules took forever a Rome Burned? and the need in reality in the Economy was Growth Capital and Not a prolongued over Study of Micro Cap Asset Class Risk to Crowd Funding beyond a simple investors ed line as such  ala SEC 's Micro Cap Guide for Investors more on point SEC (IPA / Investor Protection Awareness) guide to Micro Cap Investing as Published 2/16/2016 .

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NIST Meeting on Text based search

NIST Meeting (11/15/16) on Text based search:

NIST Web Cast Link

Text Based Search Webinar from NIST 11/15/16 and potential recast line link for look back. Addressing the evolution in Text Based Web Search Technology and covering one of three lines of  potential discover-able internet data as we also look to find the updates on State of the Art Audio and Visual auto transcription software in development to capture the whole of knowledge on Web and Entity lines.

DCarsonCPA the Lean Machine / Precision Lines the innovators lines for Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Fortune 500s we can help at

SEC Meeting on FINTech Today in DC

SEC Meeting on FINTech Today (11/14/16) in DC:

SEC is looking to take a lead role on FINTech Regulation here are some key links from today's open meeting:

Comments from the SEC Director on FINTech

SEC FINTech Meeting Agenda

Go Live Feed SEC FINTech Forum

Will look for the repost as we missed the start but on check in they were talking about gap  in less than $250k funding and Equity Funding ie opening paths for Innovation Crowd Funding.


With the oncoming change in Administration the question may be what becomes of the Fuel of Open Gov and Open Industry lines which feed innovation.... it's imperative to indentify and follow Trump's CIO / CTO on Open Data Strategy for Innovation.

We map in on support lines to Growth and Risk Management from Innovation lines, SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) and Fortune 500 lines on project support at working with core skills from the cross functional lines of Economics, Financials, Compliance, Technology and Teamwork through CFO, Project Management and Business Analysis Lines rooted to strong skills on Entity Audit - CFO  Controlling and Lean Project Consulting scaled out to include deep lines on Global and Domestic Eco System Research. DCarsonCPA We bring insight value, strong hands on skills and Leadership Value to help on Project Teamwork for Strategic and Operational needs in the Economy and Financials.

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DCarsonCPA Actuarial Project Support Lines

DCarsonCPA Actuarial Project Support Lines:

Actuarial Standards Board

Actuarial Science as an element of STEM and a key point where Economics, Statistics, Policy, Legal, Technology, Financials, Data, Analysis and Communications meet make it a key point where we can help on a number of aligned value points from DCarsonCPA to project services emphasizing #CFO #PM #BA #Fintech #EconomicResearch #Statistics #Legal #Compliance #Technology #Analysis #PolicyResearch #InvestmentCycle #Pensions #Insurance and #RiskManagement skills to help on #Growth of Plan Assets and #RiskManagement of exposure needs in the Aggregate. Learn more at and find Our Actuarial Science lines in context to value + more.